Third Party Reviews

Roy Resch | October 06, 2018 |

"My first experience with Sport Clips was in Chaska. I was very pleased. My total satisfaction extends to this location as well. It may cost slightly more than similar establishments but we'll worth it."

B. D. C. | September 26, 2018 |

"Worst haircut ever ! I have had good haircuts here In fact, the first time I came, I had my wife take pictures of my hair and how I liked it cut. I showed those pictures every time Most have been good The last time ""Emily had just started her shift at 2 pm and I said I wanted a scissors cut trim She had me done in no time ( 5 maybe 10 minutes) and was ready to collect and get on the board I usually let A haircut a week to grow out a bit before judging This haircut was bad Uneven from side to side and dips of short hair on the sides Avoid her or this place all together"

felipe garcia | August 22, 2018 |

"Fast and accurate stylists"

Scott Rickhoff | August 25, 2018 |

"Second time there, early on a weekday. Three stylists, two customers sitting and I am still told an hour wait. Appears they have adapted on line reservations now. Which means people can cut line and force other customers to endure long waits mostly because Sport Clips appear not to staff properly. Same happened last month but I waited. This time I walked out. Went Fantastic Sam’s on Hennepin Town Road. Walked in waited 5 min. Free coffee. Good haircut and was out 30 minutes from walking through door. Sport Clips is telling me by making me wait over an hour for a haircut is they don’t care about walk-ins. They changed their business model to appointments without adjusting labor to handle the walk ins trade. So If you tend to walk in, keep walking somewhere else, Sport Clips is not for you."

Rajesh M S | July 26, 2018 |

"I loved it"

Gregg Wilwert | July 27, 2018 |

"Great people and give the best"

Chuck Doehr | May 26, 2018 |

"Good place to get your haircut."

Rob Simmons | May 21, 2018 |

"Too expensive. Not competitive with other shops."

Charles Porth | May 22, 2018 |

"Great service"

Keith Smith | May 24, 2018 |

"Twice now there has been more than an hour wait with 2 people actually there. If you expect to get a hair cut in a reasonable amount of time after showing up, go somewhere else. I think you can check in remotely, which probably explains this. That sounds like a cool feature, but if I can't show up and get a hair cut in a reasonable amount of time, I'll take my business elsewhere. EDIT: Moved to 4 starts because the owner replied, and because they do do a good job. If you have the time to wait or check in online."